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Daily Flow Brain Dump

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By : Keeli Martinez

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Simple PDF to brain dump everything you need to accomplish for the day.

Write out everything that is in your head for each category. 

1. Your dōTERRA Business: who do you need to connect with, follow up with, what do you need to prep for your next event, what membership overviews or business overviews do you need to do, etc. 

2. Your Home: What do you need to accomplish in the house today? Laundry, clean out that closet, grocery shop, deep clean the diffusers, etc.

3. Your Family: What activities do your kids have going on today, dance, tutoring, soccer, spending 20 minutes reading with the kids, scheduling a date night with your spouse, etc.

4. Yourself: Are you moving your body today, taking your supplements, drinking the water your need to intake, scheduling self care appointments. 

Brain dump everything in your head into the correlating quadrant, then circle your TOP 3 in each quadrant. That is what your focus will be today. Start with the item that you are resisting the most, and knock it out. 

Complete all 12 items then if you can accomplish anything else on the list, it is an added BONUS for the day. 

Do this daily to free up your headspace and to feel extremely productive.