One Drop - Contributor Application

Imagine doing what you do best, creating what you want, when you want, from the comfort of your own home … Making passive income from your items whether you’re working or not. Some of our Contributors do this in their free time as a hobby, some do it to help support their doTERRA business income and dreams, and others choose to do this as their full time profession.

Wellness Advocates know that sharing just one drop of doTERRA essential oils can change someone's life forever.

But in today's competitive marketing landscape and noisy social media environment, standing out from the crowd and sharing that one drop of essential oils is becoming harder and harder to do. Homemade graphics, poorly lit or composed product photos, cookie-cutter campaigns and ill-designed marketing is no longer enough to bring in new customers, and worse yet, it can have the opposite effect than desired - turning people away before a word is ever spoken.

One Drop solves these challenges by crowdsourcing thousands of incredible doTERRA marketing resources from the best freelance designers, photographers, and content creators available today. Our One Drop Subscribers (doTERRA Wellness Advocates) have access to download these powerful marketing resources and business tools through a user friendly, searchable website that is accessible anytime, anywhere from any device. Wellness Advocates are finally free to promote their business in their unique voice and style, without limitations from skillset, upline, location, or accessibility to expensive platforms.

Approved Contributors reach thousands of Wellness Advocates and enjoy healthy profits from our One Drop Subscriber revenue share, with ongoing earnings based on the number of downloads their items receive. Contributors can add their own high-quality doTERRA graphics, photos, printable templates, presentations, business trainings, enrollment strategies, and more. Many Contributors already create these amazing resources for their team and One Drop helps them monetize those efforts even further. Our top earning Contributors consistently provide relevant content, trending designs, and high-demand resources for building a doTERRA business.

As more and more effective resources are created and added to One Drop, everyone wins.

One Drop - Contributor Application


We will review your application and only contact you if you meet our criteria. Please read our selection criteria below carefully before completing your application.

Contributor Selection Criteria

To create a high-quality library for all doTERRA leaders and ensure our Contributors receive great compensation for their work, Contributors must meet our strict quality guidelines.

Must have:

  • Consistent Quality: Contributors must have an exceptional level of quality across their entire portfolio displaying a very high level of skill. if there's mixture of quality in a portfolio, we evaluate on a case by case basis, focusing on recent work.

  • Keeping it Fresh: Contributors should be actively creating and uploading new work. This includes timely work related to monthly promotions and limited time offers.

  • Style: Items must have a premium quality presentations, be relevant to our doTERRA audience and be useful, on-trend modern and clean.

  • Proven track record: Our Contributors must have a solid portfolio of previous work that illustrates their quality, style and capability.

  • Compliance: Contributors that add items other than photography must have a solid understanding of doTERRA compliance requirements for the markets in which their items will be created.

Nice to have:

  • Contributors with previous experience building a doTERRA business and a solid understanding of doTERRA's unique culture and product line will have most success with our subscriber base.

  • Portfolios should display a range of items type and styles.

  • Items should display unique qualities that set them apart.

Must Not have:

  • Any intellectual property of copyright issues.

  • Significant and notable negative feedback from past customers.

  • Exclusivity or non-compete agreements with other organizations.

Acknowledge and accept *

I have read the above and understand that applying to become a One Drop Contributor doesn't guarantee that I will be accepted. I understand that One Drop is highly selective and not all applicants will meet the high quality standard required. I also understand that One Drop will only respond to me if I am selected.

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