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The Fundamentals - dōTERRA Business Training

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✔️Ready to LAUNCH (or Re-Launch) your dōTERRA business?
✔️Searching for simple steps that have proven success?
✔️Tired of the spinning your wheels and getting little to no results?
✔️Do you want to learn all of this from a dōTERRA Presidential Diamond leader who is consistently a TOP ENROLLER? 👏

It’s time to take your business to the next level: Join Keeli Martinez as she walks you through The Fundamentals.

The Fundamentals is a powerful, effective course that helps you master all the skillsets required to be massively successful in dōTERRA and will walk through critical mindset work that will set you apart from the crowd. 🤩

This is a self-paced, 12 module training program led by Keeli Martinez.

Each of the 12 training modules is roughly 60 minutes long and comes with an incredible workbook that you can download, print and take notes as you follow along.

The 12 Modules:
1. Preparing for Your Business
2. Networking and Effective Inviting
3. Presenting What You Love
4. Enrolling Successfully
5. Supporting your New Members
6. Placement Strategy
7. Finding Your Builders
8. Comp Plan Explained
9. Overcoming Objections
10. Social Media
11. The True Work
12. Closing Q&A
You'll gain full access to The Fundamentals course for life after making your purchase here on One Drop. For less than $100, you’ll finally be able to step into your dōTERRA business with a fresh outlook, increased confidence in yourself and your skillset, and be ready to make massive steps towards your goals. Get your access today!

⚡️This is open to anyone building a dōTERRA business, seeking to have access to Keeli’s mentoring.

Excited to help guide you along!