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Wellness Program TEXT Graphics

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By : Amy Wheeler

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Wellness Program TEXT Series

  • Includes 5 text graphics
  • perfect to inform customers of the new Wellness Program, how to order, kit details 
  • just add your logo/watermark


Text content:

Current Customers Only

 Option 1: 

1) Just send Graphic 1 (no text)

2) Wait for a response on which number 

3) Sent the corresponding Kit info and the How to order info next.

Option 2

1)      Send Graphic 1 with text: Hey ____.  Want to make sure you knew about the new program starting Oct 1.  Which kit would be best for you?

2)      Wait for response and sent that number and How to order info graphic.

If you already know their struggles, I would suggest that kit to them when sending the Graphic 1.


Look for other Wellness Program graphics such as the Targeted Ebooks, Bundles, etc.:



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