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Automated Email Free eCourse & Email Templates - New Customer Welcome

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By : Maleika Lacy

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This eCourse is three video classes that will walk you through everything you need to setup an email automation for a new Wholesale Customer after you enroll them.

The course also includes eight email templates for setting up the 14 day automation. Once you download the document with the email templates open to find a link to signup and watch the videos.

The Eight Email Templates:
  • Welcome to Our DoTERRA Family!
  • Recommended DoTERRA Resources for You
  • Getting Started With Your Oils
  • Time for A Membership Overview
  • Continue Education Oil Classes & Free Gift
  • Checking In
  • Saving Big On Your Next Order
  • Get The FREE Product of the Month 

What is email mail automation?

It is a way to email an individual with the right message at the right moment—without manual doing the work every time.

You only need to setup the email and rules once. Then the email will be sent based on the rule such as new email, time stamp, action, etc.

Why use as a Wellness Advocate?

Setting up systems and automated tools help save time, creates duplication, organizes you business, better servers others, helps you focus on core activities, and give you piece of mind.